LeaderCraft seeks to partner with leaders to build and refine effective leadership skills through valuable critical self-evaluation.

The last thing you need is another personality inventory that tells you who you should be. LeaderCraft is about creating custom solutions tailored to your unique personal and professional fingerprint. LeaderCraft combines years of executive leadership experience with the power of therapeutic experience to provide a fresh and honest approach at guidance. LeaderCraft helps to grow and refine Executive Leaders, so Executive Leaders can grow and refine their businesses.
The Problem
Emotional Insecurity
Lack of Emotional Security is a silent killer among Executives. It infects confidence with the deadly cancers of passivity and paralysis Insecurity impairs the leadership development process. Lack of Emotional Security affects all levels. Fear of failure affects the line worker and the top executive. Position and degrees provide no real security only a platform.
Leaders must learn when to step in and when to hang back to best develop their team. Negotiating the rocky shoals of leadership development come at a fairly high cost if through trial and error. The leader experiencing emotional insecurity may not risk or may press too hard. Either way, without objective feedback and skill acquisition the developing leader may struggle more alone than with a trusted mentoring partner at her side.
The Solution
Genuine Confident Leadership, the goal of Executive Development at LeaderCraft. The LeaderCraft Four Phase process to Genuine Confident Leadership includes Accurate Self Awareness, Courageous Self Challenge, Methodical Self Development and Genuine Leadership Development. These four basic areas of development form the foundation for effective confident leadership. LeaderCraft targets these four major areas that need regular attention toward transformation in the Executive Leader not only to survive, but to thrive.